Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Your Road Map Awaits

A good strategic plan is a road map that helps us assess if we are impacting our mission in a way that moves the needle toward our vision statement. Some are longer range than others, depending upon the needs of the organization. Strategic plans should be designed in a way that ensures staff and board leaders know the next steps and feel equipped in how to move forward.

I love taking organizations through this process, particularly when they feel they are at a crossroads. The steps vary slightly with each organization, moving beyond a cookie cutter approach to a method that is responsive to the current entity's need. A few key steps in the process are defined below. I'd love to hear more about your current needs and recommend a process from there. For all projects, I am able to bring on a team of other experts as needed for each project.

The Process

How It Works
  1. Internal listening & mission affirmation
  2. External listening and data gathering
  3. Data analysis and building congruence
  4. Emergence of key goals
  5. Leadership agreement on key goals
  6. Broad scope action plan to begin implementation