Strategic and Operational Planning

A good strategic plan helps you assess if you are impacting your mission in a way that moves the needle toward your vision statement. It should be designed so staff and board leaders feel equipped in how to move forward. Long range strategy is why most organizations contact Heightened Development, but often a call or assessment process shows that other operational planning is needed as much, if not more. Heightened Development is able to support a range of planning needs.

For example, if strong governance processes are lacking, programs are not able to provide consistent services because of funding constraints, or the work culture does not reflect the organization's values, these problems need addressing before truly looking long range.

Heightened Development is able to walk beside you, building the project team with the right skills for your organization needs at this juncture. This may mean traditional strategic planning, partnering deeply with the board of directors to build out effective governance structures, working on moving organizational culture or processes in a particular direction, or supporting staff as they create detailed processes to be more efficient and impactful in the future. Ultimately, all types of planning help you gain clarity on your long range goals and ensure you have the right culture and capacity to reach them!

Please call to discuss your planning needs.

The Strategic Planning Process

How It Works
  1. Internal listening & assessment
  2. External listening and data gathering
  3. Data analysis and building alignment
  4. Emergence of key goals
  5. Leadership agreement on key goals
  6. Broad scope action plan to begin implementation