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As a nonprofit consultant, I love seeing impact. Throughout my leadership, I stuck around when organizations were in the midst of major decision, changes in business models, financial crisis, merger, you name it. And through it all, I have learned a lot of skills and strategies to help manage change. I have also learned that the bulk of those important strategies are implemented through people. During these changes and transitions, leaders need coaching for better self awareness, development and to better manage and empower others in their organizations.

Non-Profit Consultant

“I am Chamlee McGuire and I love helping leaders navigate change. With 22 years of experience in leadership, 14 as  CEO or senior leader, I have seen just about every challenge a business or non-profit might encounter. Whether it be considering a merger, internal restructuring, a changed service array or governance development, I’d love to learn more about your situation and discuss how I might help. “

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What Do I Offer
Leadership Coaching

Individual and team coaching that helps leaders maximize their impact, grow, and inspire growth in those they lead.

Strategic Planning

Assessing an organization’s mission and impact, and creating long range goals to ensure that they are effective and efficient.

Change Management

Helping leaders move their organization through necessary change.

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