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Chamlee McGuire, Founder and Principal has over 25 years of experience in the sector. Chamlee is deeply involved on all projects and keeps costs low by limited overhead expenses. Heightened Development is able to build an expert team of consultants unique to your project needs, which ensures a diversity of perspectives and skills that meet your specific needs.

New leaders "onboarded" to a Board of Directors
Leaders Directly Supervised or Coached
Organization mergers, restructures or incorporations
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About Heightened Development

Mission and Experience

Organizations and their leaders have all the supports needed to actualize their vision of a better world.

Increasing the capacity of (non-profit and social enterprise) organizations to change the world, one mission at a time.

Chamlee McGuire, Founder, Experience:
In almost all my roles, change has been a common theme. I started my career with a ministry center that could barely keep its doors open until the church it was attached to merged with another church, creating an entirely new center and 501c-3. I served a statewide organization in my early days, helping them figure out how to do collective impact before the word really existed in our industry. I was promoted to Executive Director in a small non-profit when they had only one funding source and could barely pay rent; in that organization, in order to grow impact and revenue sources, we successfully expanded our service array. In my leadership roles I have: facilitated a merger between two non-profits and led the new entity into expanded services and much greater sustainability; led a 35 year old organization with only one service model to adapt and expand its scope; brought two organizations through accreditation for the first time in their more than thirty year histories; helped to build and implement six new programs within different organizations; restructured a Board of Directors to a true governance model; led an organization in revenue and program sustainability that changed its budget size from $750,000 to over 4 million, and more.

I’ve learned a lot through these experiences and I’m still learning. I still fail, but I fail less often than I did in the early days.

Most of us in this field have never had anyone truly invest in us, especially no one with good tenure in managing the challenges of the non-profit sector. 25 years in, I realize that I now have the skills to do this investing, and I am enjoying supporting other leaders to make this field even better. After all, the real change happens collectively!

I am skilled in navigating change, and I’d like to help you. It may be a small change or a big change. Help may come in the form of assessing where you are (culture and capacity), coaching, working through a strategic or operational plan, helping your board buy in to their fundraising and/or governance roles; developing clear processes in the midst of growth, or an ongoing contract to build your capacity overall.